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Extracorporeal shock wave therapy is used to treat chronic heel pain (plantar fasciitis/heel spur syndrome). During this non-invasive surgical procedure, sonic waves are directed at the area of pain using a device similar to that currently used in non-surgical treatment of kidney stones."Extracorporeal" means "outside of the body," and refers to this non-invasive surgical procedure in which strong sound waves are directed at the area of heel pain.


Shockwave therapy works by triggering "messengers" that activate the body's own repair mechanisms to increase blood flow, change cell permeability and enhance tendon healing. Also, shockwaves over stimulate the nerves, blocking the transmission of pain, which leads to a reduction in sensitivity. THE FDA granted clearance of ESWT for treatment of plantar fascitis (chronic heel pain syndrome) in October 2000.


- Proven Pain reduction after other conservative therapies, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, injections, physical therapy have failed.

- ESWT may eliminate the need for surgery and the associated risks and costs.

- Short recuperation time allows for return to normal daily activities with improved quality of life.


- Your physician will inject a numbing medication prior to your treatment. During the treatment the shockwave therapy head is placed with the area of pain. A gel is used to ensure that the therapeutic shockwaves are properly transmitted to the exact location of the pain. Your physician targets the therapeutic waves to achieve optimal results. Actual procedure time is approximately 20 minutes however total process may take between 30-45 minutes including the numbing.

- After the treatment, you will be released home. Be sure to wear comfortable tennis shoes, no special shoe is required. Following a short rest period of approximately 24 hours, you may usually return to your normal activiites. Your physician will explain to you exact directions and exactly what to expect after your treatment. You will be scheduled for a follow-up evaluation.

Rest assured, based on numerous studies, average success rate is approximately 70%. Our physicians are one of few in Southern California certified to perform the ESWT. Please schedule an appointment to discuss if this is right for you.
During the usually brief procedure of about 30 minutes, performed under local anesthesia and/or "twilight" anesthesia, strong sound waves penetrate the heel area and stimulate a healing response by the body. An overnight hospital stay is not necessary since extracorporeal shock wave therapy is performed on and outpatient basis.

This therapy is a safe and effective alternative treatment for heel pain and only requires a very short recovery time, mainly due to the elimination of costly and invasive surgical procedures. Contact us today to receive more information or to discuss the treatment options for extracorporeal shock wave therapy.